pi Strategy Consulting launches the first-of-its-kind report in Bangladesh on Mobile Banking Consumer Insights

Fresh Insights

Critically observing interactions among people (even with big age differences) can lead to insights about implicit consumer needs

Unraveling Latent Needs

Many things around us can offer lessons in strategy – especially a movie like Life of PI

Strategy Lessons

Delivering the keynote speech on Financial Inclusion at Digital World, Bangladesh Government’s flagship annual event

Thought Leadership

An exceptionally talented local team, supplemented by a network of global experts, drive our value proposition

pi Strategy Difference


Mobile Banking Fraud

The glass can always be viewed as half empty or half full. Mobile banking is no different. There are tremendous benefits that mobile banking brings. At the same time, certain people will always find ways to misuse the services for ill intent. But do the ills associated with mobile banking outweigh the benefits?



IDRC Partners Event, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The International Development Research Center of the Government of Canada, in association with LIRNEasia, organized a partners’ event for an initiative on electricity sector innovation opportunities across South Asia. pi Strategy Consulting was invited to contribute its research findings from the Bangladesh perspective on this topic. The event was attended by recognized experts from the region.



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