It’s not physical or electronic. It’s physical and electronic. It’s time e-commerce grows up to become pe-commerce

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Bangladesh showcases multi-faceted innovations with one of the five largest programs in the world

Safety Net Programs

Many things around us can offer lessons in strategy – especially a movie like Life of PI

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Presenting the keynote paper on innovations in government programs at an event at the Prime Minister’s Office

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An exceptionally talented local team, supplemented by a network of global experts, drive our value proposition

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Internet of Things

Imagine a morning when you’d wake up hearing the alarm preset to your mood. Kudos to the device where you keep track of your to-do lists, upcoming appointments, events, contacts etc. that makes it possible to predict your mood through a sophisticated algorithm. All the home appliances you have installed would know in advance when you are about to enter your home or leave, and take necesssary anticipatory steps to enhance convenience and reduce wastage. In a typical Internet of Things (IoT) world, you won’t feel like interacting with any machine, be it a TV or a car. Who loves dealing with machines anyway? Especially when they are not smart enough to understand your needs.



Techonomy Conference, San Francisco, USA: Techonomy is an annual by-invitation-only event of Silicon Valley luminaries that explores the innovations likely to shape the future. pi Strategy Consulting was the only Bangladeshi firm (and among the 10 from outside the US) invited at the November 2014 event, where the Firm underscored the importance of thinking about BOP segments for new product design.



pi Strategy Consulting connects leading edge management practices with development priorities through innovative design thinking principles. The Firm’s 3.14 approach encapsulates its value proposition across three vectors: capabilities, focus area, and service offerings.