pi Strategy Consulting launches the first-of-its-kind report in Bangladesh on Mobile Banking Consumer Insights

Fresh Insights

Critically observing interactions among people (even with big age differences) can lead to insights about implicit consumer needs

Unraveling Latent Needs

Many things around us can offer lessons in strategy – especially a movie like Life of PI

Strategy Lessons

Visionary Fireside Chat with young entrepreneurs at the Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrations in Dhaka

Thought Leadership

An exceptionally talented local team, supplemented by a network of global experts, drive our value proposition

pi Strategy Difference


Mobile Innovation

What opportunities do the evolution of the mobile internet offer for greater industry collaboration that spans beyond the Telecom sector?



World Economic Forum India Summit, New Delhi, India: pi Strategy Consulting was invited to present the key findings from one of its studies on challenges and opportunities in mobile financial services among the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) population. C-suite executives attended the session from the Telecom, Banking, IT, and Government sectors in Asia.



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